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Born To Die

In a future plagued by a deadly virus, the fate of humanity rests on your shoulders. The cure is in the past. To go to the past, collect all pieces of the portal key. Open the portal and save humanity.



0.01 ETH

Our Game Changers

Web2 + Web3

Target 3Bn+ gamers and not a small subset. It need not be Web2 or Web3. Both Web2 and Web3 users play without any blockers / access. Target a 1000x bigger market from day one.

Interoperable Assets

Define and Deploy Assets on one game. Use them in any game. Assets are interoperable from day 1.

Game Events OnChain

All the game events are pushed to onchain. We call it “Proof of Play”. The data is available for everyone to analyse and run their analytics on.

Decentralised Marketplace

With Automated Market Maker, our decentralised marketplace helps games to scale their marketplace and liquidity faster. Different AMM protocol to choose from.


Multi-chain from the start. Users are happy to engage with their preferred chain, without being left behind by the games. Your game will become their new favourite game.

Game Currency

Supports all types of tokens, Stable coins, Play to Earn, Play & Earn and/or any other model. Complete sync with game engines / economy engines.

We Support Multiple Blockhains


More Coming Soon...

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